What identity documents are necessary for UK driving licence?

A UK driving licence is pivotal to allow you to drive across the country also to other states. Every UK citizen of legal age needs to have a driving license if they want to drive. In the article, we will highlight the required documents to get a licence.

In the case you dont have a UK passport

If you are applying for a licence and you lack a UK passport, you can send other identity documents with the application. They include:

  • valid foreign passport with a visa stamp that indicates you are legally in the UK,
  • valid Irish passport,
  • travel documents,
  • biometric residence permit.

You can use UK birth, adoption and naturalisation certificates

Other documents that one can use are the UK birth, adoption and naturalisation certificate; however, you need to send them with other identity documents. These documents include:

  • National Insurance Card/Department of Work and Pensions letter, which indicates the National Insurance Number,
  • A photocopy of the front view of the benefits book/original benefits claim front letter page,
  • P45/P60/ Payslip,
  • Marriage or divorce certificates,
  • Gender recognition certificate,
  • A college/university union card/ education certificate or PASS proof of age card.

Who can sign your form and photo for identity approval?

Some specific people can sign your form for approval; they need to have the following papers. The requirements are, they should have a valid GB photocard driving licence, should be a resident of the UK, they must know you individually, shouldn’t be related to you, and should live in a different address from yours. Some of the members eligible to certify your identity can be a librarian, bank society staff member, minister of religion, magistrate, police officer, civil servant and Member of Parliament, or member of the Scottish Parliament. It is important to note that you should indicate they are retired on the form if those mentioned above are retired.

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