Get a Biometric Visa Photo in The UK (Quickly & Cheaply)

Have you tried applying for a Visa the easiest way? Here’s the solution. ‘Smartphone iD’ is the easy way to get the perfect visa photo without expensive equipment or methods. Let’s get started!

Why take a photo by yourself at home?

For most people, it would seem obvious that taking a Visa photo by yourself at home saves time and effort, but it’s not only that.

At home you don’t need to stand in front of a professional photographer, nor feel the anxiety of getting it right with 3 takes in a photo booth. Instead, you can do unlimited shots to get the best look.

There is one risk though, if you choose to do it at home – it might not be accepted by the official authorities. And that’s the reason why you should try Smartphone iD app.

 Not only it delivers the photo in the correct format with the right background color, but it also offers a photo check by a trained professional

It’s cheaper than any other expert service provider on the market and offers a full refund if the photo is refused by the authorities.

How to take a photo?

Your smartphone’s rear-view camera has the best quality. These photos will turn out better than those in selfie mode. Nevertheless, with Smartphone iD app you can choose either camera.

Our all-in-one app will guide you through 4 simple steps for taking compliant UK Visa  photo. Once you’re there, we’ll make sure they’re certified with our AI and biometrics team and send them straight back!

What are the biometric Visa Photo standards in the UK?

It can be intimidating to get a proper Visa photo in the UK. Especially when there are quite a lot of biometric standards that need to be met. Don’t worry! There are two ways you can go about this.

  1.  Either visit the official government website and check the standards yourself (make sure that not only your photo has the right size, but also the head size corresponds to the requirements).
  2. OR you can let us do it for you. Using ‘Smartphone iD’, you’ll get all these biometric standards under check for you, so you can relax. 


  • 35x45mm in size
  • Minimum resolution of 600 x 750
  • Maximum file size of 10MB
  • Less than a month old
  • In colour, depicting your upper body and upwards

How to apply for Visa in the UK? 

Thinking about applying for a visa in the UK? This is the general procedure.  However, some steps may vary depending on your passport and the reason for stay. 

  • Step 1:Check whether you need to apply for visa.
  • Step 2:Choose one of the following visa types
    • UK Tourist Visa
    • UK Work Visa
    • UK Student Visa
    • UK Family Visa.
  • Step 3:Complete an online application form.
  • Step 4:Collect all the required documents.
  • Step 5:Schedule a visa appointment.
  • Step 6: Attend the visa interview.

While collecting the required documents, make sure to remember passport photos. Few facilities offer the possibility to do it on spot.

If you are not sure and unable to reach the biometrics collection point, take approved biometric passport photos with you.

Smartphone iD app delivers professionally printed passport photos to your doorstep. You can always ask the office worker to use photos you have brought with you.

Why do you need photo validation from an expert?

We all know that document renewal applications is a lengthy and tricky procedure. The smallest mistake leads to the extra time needed for clarification. 

Invalid UK Visa photo is the number 1 reason for official document application rejections. If you have your photo pre-checked by a professionally trained expert, you eliminate possible rejection due to a bad photo.

In addition, did you know that different documents have varying photo criteria and standards? Needless to say, all this expertise is included in Smartphone iD service. You can be 100% confident that your UK Visa is in accordance with the UK government’s standards. If it isn’t? Then we’ll give you a full refund.

Why should you use the Smartphone iD app?

There are plenty of photo sizing tools online. But most of them don’t guarantee government acceptance, nor customer service in case of an unsuccessful photo. 

What you really need is an all-inclusive service for the best price on the market! A service that provides expertise, fast photo formatting and professional delivery.

 With the ‘Smartphone iD’ app, not only can you get certified UK digital Visa photos for £7.84, but you can also get professional-grade photographic prints for £3.31. All without having to go through a lengthy process like visiting a photo booth or studio!

How to use the Smartphone iD app?

With Smartphone iD app you don’t need to know any document parameters. Instead, simply take a photo through the app, choose UK Visa as your document type and receive successfully, verified photos within a few minutes.

Our great price and money-back guarantee will leave you feeling pleasantly surprised, not to mention the easy photo-taking process and no appointments!