How many photos do you need for the Irish passport card?

The Irish passport office has certain requirements which need to be fulfilled to get your photo for the Irish passport card. The number of requested photos varries as you apply online or send a paper application via post office.

How many photo do you need for passport card application?

Wheh applying online:

If a person wants to apply for a passport book or passport card online, he needs one digital photo.

While applying by paper application form:

You must submit 4 identical photographs (2 of those must be signed by third party confirming your identity).

The digital photo must fulfill these technical specifications.

  • It should not be a scanned photo
  • It should be in color
  • The photo should not be less than 715 pixels wide and 951 pixels in height
  • The photo should be in JPEG format
  • It should not have compression, loss, or compression artifacts.
  • It should not be digitally enhanced or changed
  • The photo should not contain a barrel or other distortion
  • It should not be larger than 9 megabytes (9MB)
  • If you are taking a photo at home and encounter problems, you should  consider using a professional photo app or searching a professional photographer.

Use Smartphone iD app to get valid photos

Now you can create a valid photo ID from the comforts of your home.

Smartphone iD app is available on Android and iPhone. Take unlimited shots to get a photo that you like, and once our software and team have approved it, receive it shortly in your email and/or within a few days – in your mailbox.

Our artificial intelligence and human control system guarantee 100% that your photo will be accepted and conform to the mandatory ICAO standards and the standards of Ireland’s Passport service.

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