Simple Steps to a Good Passport Photo in 2023

Need a good passport photo? Keep reading! The passport photo is the most important part of your passport application, so it’s crucial you get one that is acceptable to the government. Use our carefully researched article to find out everything you need to know and some simple steps to a good passport. Let’s go!

Where to Take a Good Passport Photo in the US?

There are so many places to get a passport photo these days, you may be struggling to make a decision on where to actually go. Well, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best places, so take a look.

  • Smartphone iD: Get certified photos, verified by our biometrics experts, with digital (email) or printed delivery. We offer a great competitive price and a money-back guarantee.
  • Walmart Photo Center: upload your compliant photo and pick up two copies in-store. Cheap, but you need to have your own photo to use this option, and there’s no compliance check.
  • Photo Studios: You can get photos from photo studios, however, they can be quite pricey and it takes time to set up an appointment and travel.
  • Photo Booth: These can sometimes be cheap, although there’s no aftermarket support if something goes wrong.
  • Check online whether your local outlets can provide passport-style photos with the correct specifications: 
    • CVS
    • Walgreens
    • UPS
    • Staples

How to Take a Good Passport Photo?

Not sure how to take a good passport photo? Well, you can easily take your own passport photo at home. All you need is a smartphone!

Use Smartphone iD to get easily get high-quality passport photos in minutes!

Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Make sure to remove your glasses or any accessories covering your face.
  2. Ensure that there are no shadows covering your face (even lighting across your face).
  3. Keep a neutral expression whilst keeping the camera at eye level.
  4. Take your photo then follow the instructions in the Smartphone iD app.

How to Look Good in a Passport Photo?

Make sure you meet all the requirements for a passport photo, when taking it. Check out the list below to look good in your passport photo.

How to Look Good in a Passport Photo?

  • You shouldn’t wear a uniform for your passport photo.
  • It’s not permitted to wear jewellery in your passport photo.
  • Ensure you are not wearing glasses in your passport photo.
  • Any sort of head covering isn’t allowed.
  • You can choose to wear plain clothing to help ensure the quality of your passport photo.
  • You should wear what you normally wear in your passport photo.
  • Try not to choose clothing that blends in with the background of the photo.

What are Some Good Passport Photo Examples?

Looking at examples of acceptable passport photos can be helpful in getting an idea of what you need to aim for. Take a look below to find out more about what your passport photo should look like.

Tips for a Good Passport Photo?

If you follow all of the guidelines and meet all of the requirements for your passport photo, you should have no trouble getting a successful application. Check out our list of tips below to help you take a good passport photo.

Tips to for a Good Passport Photo

  1. Photo size: A United States Passport photo must be 2 inches x 2 inches in size. In addition, your head needs from chin to crown needs to be 25-36mm. There needs to be a gap between your head and the edges of the photo as well.
  2. Contrast, saturation and exposure: The colour and hue of your photos must be as close to reality as possible. There shouldn’t be any deep shadows or glare on your face – ensure even lighting across your face. Use natural lighting without any after-effects or filters.
  3. Photo background: The background in your photo should be a plain white background without textures or shadows. Ensure there are no objects or other people in the photo.
  4. Photo posture: When you take your photo, you need to be directly facing the camera as well as have a straight posture with eyes directly at the camera lens. Keep a neutral expression. Once you’ve taken the photo, make sure your nose is in the center and your eyes are a third from the top of the photo.
  5. Facial obstructions & accessories: You’re not permitted to wear glasses in your photo. You can wear them if you have a doctor’s note proving they are necessary to be worn. Things like hair covering your face, or other accessories obscuring your face are not acceptable in your photo.

What is a Good Passport Photo App?

Don’t leave your passport application to chance by not being sure whether your photo will be accepted. You can get a pre-approved passport photo with a 100% government acceptance guarantee when you use Smartphone iD.

It’s easy to get certified passport photos wherever and whenever you need them. Just use our app Smartphone iD. You can start straight away from home, with no expensive equipment required – just your smartphone. It takes minutes!


It’s so easy to get a passport photo at home, you can do it too! You can even do it from home, or wherever is convenient for you. This is because you can use a professional passport photo app, like Smartphone iD – to get everything sorted.

Make sure you choose a good passport photo app that has expert compliance checks, digital or postal delivery with a competitive low cost, like Smartphone iD!

Following our helpful tips, as well as understanding the guidelines will help you go a long way when it comes to applying for a passport.

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