How to Change Name and Other Details on Your UK Passport

The name of your passport is supposed to match with your legal name at all times. In circumstances that require a person to change the names, passport photo or other details used in their UK passport, they must apply through the UK government portal. So when and how to change name and other details on your UK passport?

Steps to change name in your UK passport

The process begins with filling a Deed Poll application form. It must indicate the necessary changes for the Passport office to accept the change. Prices and details of waiting periods can be found on the official government’s Passport Office website.

Once that is done, the steps below are should be followed:

  1. Pick an application form from a Post Office branch or any agents assigned by the Passport office. This form can also be filed online. Passport office will send a filled printout for the applicant to sign and send back.
  2. Attach the Deed Poll to support your request for the name change. If the name is changing due to a new marriage, a marriage certificate is required as evidence. Civil partnership certificates are accepted as documentary evidence if the reason for the change of name is a civil partnership.
  3. When changing the name on your child’s UK Passport, the Identity and Passport service should be notified through an application. It must be supported by the child’s original Deed Poll as proof. The Deed Poll and written letter of consent must be signed by everyone with the child’s parental responsibility.

In What Cases Do You need to Change Passport Details?

Some of the common circumstances that might push for a change of details on the Passport include:

Following a marriage.

Newlyweds might choose to share the last name hence requiring them to change the names on their passports.

Following a civil partnership.

The civil partnership Act allows adults to have a legal status once they form a civil partnership. This permits them to legally change their names after entering the lawfully binding civil partnership.

Following a Divorce/Separation.

Once a couple decides to dissolve a marriage or civil partnership, they can change their names back to the initial form. A certificate of dissolution is required as proof in such a case.

Avoid restarting application due to invalid photo

If there is possibility that you have to restart and pay again for your passport application, you should definitely opt for quality check as refused application due to invalid photos appear often and you don’t want to risk paying for the application process two times.

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