Everything You Need to Know about the digital Photo Code (IDPC) in the UK

If you haven’t already heard about the revolutionary new digital ID photo codes (IDPC) here’s what you need to know. Before now, British citizens could only upload photos stored on their own devices or photo shop provided memory stick, CDs or emails.

The new system involves shops or booths being able to offer customers secure codes with their physically printed pictures.

Like identity documentation in general, an ID photo code is unique to each individual citizen.

This code is then used during the online application process, in order to ascertain the professionally-taken photograph in the digital realm. Her Majesty’s Passport Office will be checking each and every photograph to ensure that it meets the specifications.

One thing to be aware of is that the photographer must be IDPC compliant.

If they aren’t then the process won’t work, because the picture has to be uploaded from your photographer’s database directly into the online passport application. This results in a secure way to validate or verify a digital Identity photograph.

What are the benefits of ID Photo Codes?

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  • If you need to attach an ID photo to a passport application, IDPC is faster and more secure than any other method.
  • When you use Smartphone iD app it is sure that your picture meets her Majesty’s requirements.
  • By applying for your passport online you can save yourself some quid.

How to use IDPC in three simple steps:

Step 1 – Download Smartphone iD app or seek out an IDCP compliant photographer. Look for the logo on their site or in store.

Step 2 –  Check your email for the IDPC. When your photo is ready you will receive the code.

Step 3 – Enter the code into your passport application online and it’s smooth sailing from there!

Be aware that some photographers may offer you “fake” photo codes. While their codes may hold meaning to them personally, if they are not IDCP compliant their technology cannot biometrically scan you to check that you meet the requirements.

Read more about the UK Photo Code on the official website : https://www.passport.service.gov.uk/help/photo-codes

Create UK compliant photo + photo code with your smartphone

Instead of spending time on research to find a photographer/photo booth that can produce a valid conform photo with a photo code, download the Smartphone iD app. Within minutes receive a compliant photo and photo code in your email to continue your passport application. Smartphone iD solution indeed saves your time and money!

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