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Submitting an online application for your UK passport? To prevent your photo from being rejected, you need a UK digital passport photo checker. Keep reading to find out how you can get a UK passport photo cheaply and easily!

What are the biometric details that need to be examined in your digital passport photo?

There are various types of biometric details, such as the lengths between the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears.

When obtaining your passport photo, you must make sure all of these details adhere to the official passport photo criteria. Ensuring you do this, you shouldn’t have any issues with your passport application.

On being scanned, a computer will instantly display various biometric details that are unique to your digital passport photo.

Biometric details are examined to make sure you are the person in your passport photo, this helps fight against fraud.

Common errors and how to fix them on your passport photo

Here are some common errors that can be made when taking digital  passport photos and how to fix them:

ErrorsHow to fix them
Incorrect height-to-width ratio (aspect ratio):  The photo must be exactly 45mm high by 35mm wide, or 750 pixels high by 600 pixels wide. Photos that are too big or small with be rejected.Use a passport photo tool to crop your photo to the correct size and ratio.
Blurry or Low-Quality Photo
The photo must have a resolution of at least 600 dpi. If the resolution is too low, your photo will be rejected.
Use a high-quality camera, or the rear camera on your smartphone. Make sure you print onto photographic paper.
Incorrect background
 The background must be plain and light-colored, such as white, off-white, or light gray. If the background is too dark or too busy, it will be rejected.
Use a passport photo tool to professionally edit the background. Or take your photo against a plain white background.
Obstructions on the Face
Wearing hats, headgear, or accessories that obstruct the face, except for religious or medical reasons, can result in rejection. It’s important to ensure that the face is fully visible and not covered by any items.
Make sure you adhere to the clothing and accessories guidelines before taking your photo. Ask a friend to check you over before taking the photo.
Incorrect facial expression
The photo must show a neutral facial expression, with the eyes open and the mouth closed. If you are smiling, frowning, or making any other expression, your photo will be rejected.
Relax your face before taking the photo, so as to keep a neutral expression. Use a mirror to help you beforehand.
Poor lighting
The photo must be taken in natural light or in a well-lit room. If the photo is too dark or too bright, it will be rejected.
Ensure your face is fully lit before taking the photo, try increasing the levels of natural light for the best result.
File size
 Make sure the file size of your photo falls within the range of 50KB and no more than 10MB.
Try taking your photo again. If the file size is too large try cropping the photo. If the file size is too small, try using a better quality camera.
Photo format: save your photo as either a .jpg or .jpeg formatChange the file extension of your photo, use an internet search to help you do this.

How to fix them with Smartphone iD?

  1. Rely on our Professional Help: You can trust our digital passport photo provider! We guarantee acceptance by providing conformity checks utilising an advanced AI algorithm that checks your photo in real-time while standing in front of your phone screen. 
  2. Follow UK Passport photo Regulations: Our helpful app provides all the necessary guidance for getting your photo right the first time! So make sure to fully check and understand the UK passport photo regulations before taking your photo.
  3. Try multiple attempts: You can have as many tries as you like before submitting your photo through our app, so there’s no pressure!
  4. Contact our friendly Smartphone iD Customer Service: Need a nudge in the right direction? Contact us through our email address, for any queries or questions. We’ll help you get your photo sorted the first time.

The mandatory requiremnts for UK digital passport photos

The following are the essential universal guidelines for digital passport photographs across all nations, ensuring your eligibility for travel.

It is important to note that your photo should be recent, taken within the past six months, accurately representing your current appearance.


The digital passport photo must exhibit a satisfactory equilibrium between overexposure and underexposure, refraining from any form of digital modification. It should possess distinct contrasts, devoid of facial shadows or background shading. Furthermore, a color photograph is mandatory for submission.


The provided photograph should demonstrate a high standard of quality, free from any blemishes, traces, or creases. In the case of digital submissions, it is important to ensure that the file size is neither excessively large nor excessively small, and that it possesses the suitable resolution and image depth. For instance, in the context of the United Kingdom, the photograph dimensions should be 600 pixels in width and 750 pixels in height.

3. What color should be the background of UK passport photo?

The background should be in plain color. Specifically, the HM Passport Office strictly permits light grey backgrounds for digital passport photographs.

4. Are you allowed to cover your hair in a Passport photo?

In most countries, it is required to have an uncovered head for passport photos, abstaining from wearing hats, scarves, headbands, or any decorative objects. However, in the UK, head coverings are permitted for medical and religious reasons, as long as your hair remains visible. It is essential to avoid noticeable accessories such as barrettes, elastic bands, or other extras in your official photo. If your hair causes any inconvenience, tying it in a ponytail behind your head is recommended since it will not be visible in the photo.

It is advised to use minimal makeup in passport photos, as excessive makeup can potentially interfere with both computerized and human facial recognition capabilities.


To ensure compliance, the subject must directly face the camera lens, keeping their head straight and maintaining direct eye contact. It is important to maintain a neutral expression with a closed mouth. Additionally, it is crucial to have no hair obstructing the eyes in the photograph.


The face should be clearly visible and unobstructed in the digital  passport photo. It is important to have open eyes, as the primary goal is to ensure easy recognition of your identity.


The use of thick frames is not permitted for ID photos. Glasses should not obstruct the eyes, and therefore tinted glasses are also prohibited. It is important to ensure that there are no reflections on the glasses. Due to a significant number of rejected photos, we kindly request that you remove your glasses when capturing your photo using the Smartphone ID app.


Wearing clothes is mandatory and it cannot be uniform.

The photo must show only your head, neck and shoulders.

UK Passport Photo Size

Each country can decide on its own format, so make sure to take note of the requirements before taking a photo on your own. Additionally, some countries have different rules for printed and digital formats (including the United Kingdom). In general these are the rules, but you can read more in detail about the format here.

  • Printed photos must be 45mm high by 35mm wide,
  • The face size should be between 29mm and 34mm high (from the crown of your head to your chin).
  • Digital photos should be at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall,
  • at least 50KB and no more than 10MB.

Why do you need a UK digital passport photo checker before submitting your British application?

There are a few reasons why you need to use a UK passport photo Examiner before submitting your application.

  • To ensure that your photo meets the requirements. The UK passport office has strict requirements for passport photos, and if your photo does not meet these requirements, your application will be rejected. A passport photo validator can help you to ensure that your photo meets all of the requirements, such as having a plain expression, a closed mouth, and your eyes open and visible.
  • To save money. If your photo is rejected, you will need to take a new photo and resubmit your application. This can be expensive, especially if you have your photo taken by a professional photographer several times. 
  • To avoid application delay: This can be time-consuming especially if you have to go to a photo booth or resubmit photos and documents. What could be worse than having your travels delayed by your photo being refused?
  • Convenience and Accessibility: Online passport photo validators are readily available and easily accessible. They allow you to conveniently upload your photo and receive instant feedback on its compliance with the requirements. This eliminates the need to visit a physical location or consult a professional for photo assessment.

Using a passport photo validator is a simple and easy way to ensure that your photo meets the requirements and that your application is processed smoothly.

Comparison between the best online passport photo examiners on google!

FeaturesSmartphone iDNz online photo tool
Real-time AI check Yes No (upload old photo)No (upload old photo)
AttemptsUnlimited 10 attempts Depends on the number of photos
Type of checkAdvanced check with AI+ expertBasic checks Initial quality check
Real human photo verificationYesNoNo
Check speed3 seconds1-2 minutes Depends on your speed

There are a number of different passport photo validators available online, so you can choose one that is convenient and affordable for you.

Our Smartphone iD app remains the best tool that uses an advanced AI algorithm to check your photo in real-time whilst you take your photo. So why not get started today by downloading Smartphone iD on Android or iOS?

Best UK Passport Photo App That Will Handle it All

With the many passport photo apps online, it may be challenging to know the best option for your needs. One of the best choices is the Smartphone iD app that offers digital and printed passport photos.

Through the app you will not only get conform passport photo format with a UK photo code for passport application online but also real human photo verification that all ICAO and HM Passport office requirements have been followed.

It is also the easiest app to use, offering a special contour on the screen and only 4 steps to complete the order. You can also order professionally printed photos to be delivered by post.

This is among the first mobile apps to take passport photos directly using your smartphone. Whether you want a photo of your driver’s license, identification documents, or passport, you can bank on the Smartphone iD app. It is truly among the best-performing passport photo apps.


It’s clear that when you’re getting a digital passport photo for a UK passport, you should use a passport photo checker. This will ensure that the biometric details are correct and fully compliant with all UK regulations.

Smartphone iD offers the most comprehensive service when it comes to taking passport photos, with real-time photo examinations and human verification. So streamline your passport photo process with Smartphone iD, and get your photo pre-approved in seconds!

Last update: 20/10/2023


Where can I get a digital and printed photo of my UK passport?

Here are a few options:

  • High street pharmacies: Many popular pharmacy chains, such as Boots and Tesco, offer printed passport photo services. You can visit their stores to get your photos taken and printed.
  • Post offices: Some post offices in the UK also offer printed passport photo services. Check with your local post office to see if they offer this service.
  • Photography studios: Local photography studios may offer digital and printed passport photo services. You can search for studios in your area and inquire about their passport photo services.
  • Print and copy shops: Some print and copy shops, such as ASDA or local print shops, also offer printed passport photo services.
  • Online services: There are also a number of online services that offer digital and printed passport photo services. Smartphone iD is one example. You can take a digital passport photo on your smartphone and receive it by mail, or you can request to have your photo printed on professional paper and shipped to your home address.

Tip: If you are taking your own passport photo, be sure to follow the UK government’s photo guidelines. This will ensure that your photo is accepted by the Passport Office.

What size must my UK digital passport photo be?

Your UK digital passport photo must be at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall.

What format must my UK digital passport photo be in?

Your UK digital passport photo must be in JPEG or PNG format.

How do I submit my UK digital passport photo?

You can submit your UK digital passport photo online when you apply for or renew your passport.

where to take baby passport photo for UK passport application?

Places such as, Max Spielman photo booths, Boots and photo studios offer baby passport photos.

Though these may not be the best options.
You can easily take a digital baby passport photos for a UK passport application with Smartphone iD which is the best option for your baby from home.

What photo do I need for my UK passport?

You will need a government compliant photo that is 45mm high x 35mm wide.

How do I know if my passport photo for my UK passport is acceptable?

By following the UK governments’ rules and using a passport photo Examiner before submitting your photo, like Smartphone iD.
Our app checks your photo in real-time with AI and biometric experts so you’ll have our guarantee of acceptance.
Use Smartphone iD to easily get a compliant photo, so you don’t have to worry about whether your photo is acceptable.

What photo is not accepted for UK passport?

A photo that does not meet the requirements will not be accepted. Make sure you get a compliant passport by using Smartphone iD app.

How long does it take to receive a UK passport after submitting the passport photo for a UK passport application?

This will depend on whether your photo is acceptable. Using a verified passport photo provider like Smartphone iD will guarantee photo acceptance, and will speed up the process.
Usually, you can expect to receive your passport within 10 weeks time after submitting it.

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