Everything You Need to Know About Taking Acceptable Passport Photos

Acceptable Passport Photos

Too many people have their passport applications denied due to passport photos that don’t follow the guidelines set out by the government. If you’re living in the United States and getting ready to submit your passport application, read this guide on taking acceptable passport photos.

Acceptable Passport Photos (Examples)

An acceptable passport photo will need to meet the requirements outlined by the government. Some of these guidelines will include a neutral facial expression, strict sizing of the photo, and a photo taken without glare or shadows. Here are a few example of an acceptable passport photo:

Tips to Taking an Acceptable Passport Photo

We have put together a few tips to know about taking a photo that will pass the rigorous government inspection:

  • Make sure to have good lighting that shows your natural skin tone
  • Remove glasses or hats that may cover your face
  • Wear dark coloured clothing to contract with the light-coloured background
  • Don’t smile but maintain a neutral facial expression

These are only a few of the requirements that must be met to take an acceptable passport photo. We recommend using the smartphone iD app to take your passport photo as we use Ai-verification and a team of experts to ensure the photo meets these requirements and more.

Which Passport Photo Will be Accepted?

A passport photo in the USA will only be accepted if it meets the correct sizing requirements. Here is what you should know:

  • The photo is to be 2 x2 inches or 51 x 51 mm
  • Your head must measure (top of head to chin) between 1-1 3/8 or 25 to 35 mm
  • Your eye level should be between 1 1/8 to 1 3/8 or 28 and 35 mm from the bottom fo the photo

If you are struggling to meet these sizing requirements, download Smartphone iD today and have your passport photo sized to perfection with our AI-software.

How to make an acceptable passport photo with your phone at a cheap price

Smartphone iD enables users to take an acceptable photo from their smartphone and have it ready within minutes. Here is an easy guide to taking a photo using Smartphone iD:

  • Download the app on the Android or IOS store
  • Select Passport for the photo option and Canada for the country
  • Take the photo using your smartphone
  • Have it delivered to your inbox

You can also opt to have the passport photo printed on high-quality paper and delivered to your home address.


Smartphone iD makes taking passport photos easy and affordable. You no longer need to wait in long lines or pay ridiculous fees to get a passport photo that passes inspections and enables you to start traveling. Get the app today and have your passport photo ready in minutes.

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