Do photo booths issue photo codes?

A photo booth is not the first place you may think about before taking a passport photo. It is because it resembles parties, making funny expressions and having a great time. Apparently, that’s a common mistake. Why is it? Can I use a photo booth to take a passport photo? Do photo booths issue photo codes? We will try to answer those questions in this article.

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Do photo booths issue photo codes?

It depends on each photo booth, there is no rule about it. However, some of them can help you to take a valid passport photo, while others may even issue a valid photo code. How to check it? Take those steps and make sure your code will be accepted by the authorities:

  • find a photo booth you would like to use
  • check the website of a company that operates is
  • look for the IDPC logo

If you find one, you can be sure that your code will be valid. Otherwise, you can just go to it and look if there is a sticker with the logo on it. If not, choose another photo booth or take the photo on your own.

Where to find a photo booth?

You can easily find it on the Internet. However, there are several places where it is more probable to find one. Here they are:

  • busy spaces
  • areas near shopping malls or frequently visited places.

Can I take the photo on my own?

It is even easier to take a photo on your own than to look for a photographer or a photo booth. Especially, if the proper software is at your fingertips. Choose the Smartphone iD app to:

  • save your time
  • make sure your digital code is valid
  • take your time to take a perfect photo.

We guarantee that your photo will meet all requirements since we use the two-step verification process – Artificial Intelligence and our qualified staff.

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