How to use a digital photo code?

Thanks to the relatively new change in law, UK citizens are now allowed to apply for a passport using a digital photo code. If you want to know more about the IDPC, have a look at this site, where it is described in a more detailed way. But now let’s focus on how to use a digital photo code.

What is the ID Photo Code?

In brief, thanks to the IDPC, you don’t have to upload a digital photo while applying for a passport online. Due to current regulations, you can do it by using only the ID Photo Code issued by an IDPC compliant photographer or photo booth. Therefore, now it is:

  • easier
  • more comfortable

to apply for a passport using the IDPC!

How to use a digital photo code?

smartphone and hand

The IDPC system aims to provide greater choice for UK citizens who apply for a passport. To obtain and use it one has to:

  • take a photo in a place that is IDPC compliant
  • receive their unique code by e-mail
  • use this code to retrieve their digital photo, uploaded to the system by a photographer or a photo booth.

How to take an IDPC compliant photo?

If you want to save your time and money applying for a passport online, it’s vital to take a proper ID photo before. To satisfy this need, you can go to:

  • a photographer
  • a photo booth

that offers digital codes. However, that’s not the only way. You can use Smartphone ID app instead. There’s no point in going out if you can take the photo at home.

taking photo

We guarantee that you obtain a valid ID photo code and that the photo will conform with all regulations of Her Majesty’s Passport Office. The two-step verification (Artificial Intelligence and human control) is used by us, so you can be sure that the application process will be now easier.

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