How to Change your Name, Address or Photo on Your UK Photocard Driving Licence?

In the UK, all drivers must update their driver’s licence whenever they change their address, name or photo. Failure to inform the DVLA of your changes will risk being slapped with a hefty fine. The charge for changing your title is free, but changing your address and photo driver’s licence costs £14. Generally, you can complete doing the process online or by sending application forms to the DVLA.

Changing address on UK driver’s licence

If you want to update your address on your licence, you do so by following the following procedures:

  • Apply by post
  • Apply online

Documents required:

  • Your provisional driving permit
  • Full driver’s licence
  • Required documents
  • Driving licence
  • Address for the location you stayed previously for 3 years
  • Document showing you are a resident of Great Britain
  • Not banned from driving

Changing a name on UK driver’s licence

For this process, you can send DVLA your old driving licence together with the correct application form and formal supporting documents to change your name.
The procedure for this application includes:

  • Filling in the application form
  • Send your filled form to DVLA accompanied with:
    • Original documents confirming your new name
    • Paper driver’s licence or a photo card

Changing photo on UK driver’s licence

To update your photo, you will be required to renew your provisional or full driving licence. Generally, if your licence validity is below two years, you can update your photo when you have already changed your address.

You can either opt to use the old photo as your passport or renew it online.

When renewing online, you will need to:

  • Provide an address of where you have lived for the previous three years
  • Have a justifiable UK passport
  • Driver’s licence
  • Have your National Insurance number
  • Should be a resident of Great Britain (People in Northern Ireland follow a different process)

More information on the official website.

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