How many photos do you need for a driving licence?

You are allowed to drive only if you have an appropriate driving licence. To obtain it, you have to follow some steps. They vary, depending on your age, if it is your first document, and some other factors. What they have in common is that every document should contain a photo. So, one may ask: “How many photos do you need for a driving licence?”. That’s an important question, so we will try to answer it today.

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How to get a driving licence?

The process of applying for and getting your driving licence is complex, but not very complicated. If you are thinking of obtaining your first document, you will have to:

  • take driving lessons
  • pass the theory and driving test.

Apart from that, you are supposed to fill in several documents.

How many photos for a driving licence?

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A photo is a necessary part of your driving licence. Since you can apply for the document online, you do not have to provide any physical images. That’s because your photo will be retrieved from other sources, such as the passport database.

While applying for a licence you will need to provide:

  • addresses where you have lived for the last three years
  • your passport number (or other ID),

so the system can identify you and obtain a proper and valid photo of you.

What if I want to change my photo?

There are two ways to do it:

  • online
  • by post.

The former allows you to get a photo that is in your valid UK passport. You don’t have o provide any other images.

The latter makes it possible to change a photo for one that is not in your passport. Take a passport type photo at least one month earlier and attach it to the D1 ‘Application for a driving licence’ form. You will have to send it by post directly to the DVLA.

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