How to change information on your visa?

In case of a longer stay in the United Kingdom, it may happen that your personal information may change. That means you may get married and change your name, change your nationality, address, gender, and other important data. If you have a visa or a Biometric Residence Permit, you have to report those changes. Today let’s have a look at how to change information on your visa.

When to change information on your visa?

First of all, you have to bear in mind that you are obliged to report such changes both whether:

  • you have already got your visa
  • you have just applied for it and the decision has not arrived yet.

If you plan to stay in the United Kingdom for less than 6 months, you do not have to report them.

How to change information on your visa?

If your stay is due to be longer than 6 months and you wish to change your personal data, you have to transfer your visa to a biometric residence permit. On the official website, you will find all information you need about the process.

That applies if one of the following information has changed:

  • name
  • appearance (current photo does not enable anyone to recognise you)
  • date of birth
  • nationality
  • gender.
personal data

How to report other changes?

filling documents

If other data has changed, you will need to fill a change of circumstances form. They are as follows:

  • your, your representative’s, or dependent family member’s contact details
  • separation with your partner
  • criminal conviction
  • one of your children stops living with you.

The document you will have to fill is available online, together with the attached information on how to fill it appropriately. It can be found on this link: change of circumstances form.

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