Reasons for a visa to be rejected

Sometimes it may happen that the authorities will not accept your UK visa application. What are the reasons for a visa to be rejected? If you do not know what to do in such a situation or you are simply curious about popular causes, read this article and do not doubt more!


Reasons for a visa to be rejected – what can I do wrong?

The first reason for your UK visa to be rejected is submitting incomplete documentation. Therefore, it is crucial to check before what documents you have to provide. Otherwise, you may lose time and money.

Another reason may be submitting wrong documentation. Apparently, it is not the same case as described above. That is because wrong documentation means:

  • form with incorrect data (by mistake or willingly)
  • submitting false documents to get a visa (this is a fraud)
  • providing forms that are not accepted (your own design, etc.)

As you see, there are many reasons why your visa application can be rejected. However, it is relatively simple to avoid them.

a man with a rejected document

Why my visa is rejected?

If you do not stick to the rules (or you did in the past), you may not be given a visa. For instance, this is likely to be because:

  • you stayed in the UK for more time than you should
  • you withheld documentation of a criminal record
  • your funds are insufficient
  • the reason you apply for is not appropriate for the chosen visa type
  • finally, you have a deportation order.

What to be aware of?

Before applying for a visa, check whether:

  • your passport is valid and will be during your stay in the UK
  • have the right to come to Great Britain
  • you can provide all necessary documents and information.

We wish you good luck with your visa application!

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