How to find a Tesco passport photo booth and get your photos?

tesco passport photo booth near me

Are you planning for your holidays? Want to renew your passport? You can get your professional passport picture done at any Tesco photo booth. All you need is to go to your nearest Tesco.

Tesco passport photo booth near me

Tesco has ultra-modern photo booths in all of its branches (over 100) in the UK. The booths have everything you can expect a modern photo booth to have, from high-tech photo equipment to an easy payment process (you can pay by cash or cord and even Google or Apple Pay), you can get your pictures clicked in minutes without any hassle.

The best part about getting your passport photos getting clicked from Tesco is that in some stores, the Max Spielmann staff can help you in filling out your passport application whether you are applying for the first time or renewing your or your kid’s application. However, this service is only for UK passports.

You will get a digital photo with a code for an online application and a printed application as well if you want to apply physically. Also, you just need to stand in front of the booth and their equipment will focus cameras on you automatically. You can also get your photos emailed to you for free and their on-duty staff will also help you in case of any problem.

How to Find a Tesco Passport Photo Booth in the UK?

You can use the Tesco Store Locator: to find a Tesco store with a passport photo booth.If you are not sure about the location you can use our passport photo provider guide in your region.

Can you take baby passport photo at Tesco photo booth?

baby passport photo at tesco photo booth

Yes, you can take a baby passport photo at a Tesco photo booth. However, it can be difficult to get a good photo of a baby in a photo booth, as they are often squirmy and unpredictable. 

Tips to take a successful baby passport photo at Tesco booth

Here are some tips to help you take a successful baby passport photo at Tesco:

  • Choose a time when your baby is happy and alert.
  • Dress your baby in plain, light-colored clothing.
  • Avoid using hats or sunglasses, as these can obscure your baby’s face.
  • Hold your baby close to you and gently turn their head so that their face is facing the camera.
  • Ask a friend or family member to help you take the photo, as it can be difficult to hold your baby and operate the photo booth at the same time.
  • If your baby is fussy, try taking a few photos and then take a break. You can always come back later when they are in a better mood.

 Challenges you may face when taking a baby passport photo at Tesco

  • Babies are often squirmy and unpredictable, which can make it difficult to get a good photo.
  • Babies’ faces are small, so it can be difficult to get a close-up that meets the passport photo requirements.
  • Babies’ eyes may not be open or they may not be looking directly at the camera.
  • Babies’ hair may obscure their face.

If you are still having trouble taking a baby passport photo at Tesco , you can always ask for help from a staff member. They will be able to give you some tips and help you take a photo that meets the requirements of your passport application.

Tesco Photo Booth Not Convenient for Babies? Use Smartphone iD App Instead!

Taking your baby’s passport photo can be a challenge, especially if they’re not used to being photographed. Tesco photo booths can be a convenient option, but they can also be difficult to use with babies. Babies are often squirmy and unpredictable, and it can be hard to get them to sit still long enough for a good photo.

Smartphone iD app is a more convenient and affordable way to get your baby’s passport photo taken. You can take the photo at home, and you can retake the photo as many times as you need to until you’re happy with it. The app will automatically send the photo to your email, so you can easily upload it to your passport application.

Tesco photo booth opening hours 

Tesco passport photo booths are open during the Tesco stores hours: open at 6-7 am and close at 10-11 pm.

Note that these hours may vary depending on the individual store. You can check the opening hours of your local Tesco store by visiting the Tesco website or by calling their customer service line

How much is the passport photo booth in Tesco?

The cost of getting a passport photo from a Tesco photo booth is £6. If you already have a digital passport photo, you can print it out at a Tesco photo booth for 55p.

Tips to Print your UK passport photo at Tesco for the cost of 55p

You can save a significant amount on your UK passport photo expenses by utilizing Tesco’s affordable printing service. By opting for a standard postcard-sized photo printout measuring 10cm x 15cm, you can acquire your passport photo for a mere 55p. In contrast, Tesco charges £6 exclusively for passport photos.

To avail yourself of this budget-friendly alternative, you can get your passport photo template using our app checked and approved at a cheap price.

Once in possession of the template, simply find the nearest Tesco with an Instant Photo Print Kiosk and have it printed. Subsequently, you can effortlessly obtain 4 appropriately sized passport photos by carefully cutting them out.

This method not only allows you to achieve considerable savings on passport photos but also proves advantageous when obtaining passport-size photos for various other official documents.

Passport photo app in the UK

You can also take a passport photo with your phone’s rearview camera. To get the correct size, the right background, and conformity pre-check for HM Passport Office photo requirements, as well as the obligatory ICAO standards, and use the Smartphone iD app.

If you followed the instructions and your photo is in line with the standards, you will shortly receive the digital photo in your email.

It is the most convenient option for the best price. No need to leave the house. Fast, easy, and perfect for official documents.

Last update: 17/08/2023

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